Update : Back to my roots

In 2005 I have called Calgary home *coming all the way from the tropics Philippines. Early this year I ventured to live in the big TO *smoke city – and now back to the city I call home – Calgary.

I look forward to seeing familiar faces again and meeting new ones.

*stone cold ice yet like a winter wonderland – Calgary






I’m finding it overwhelmingly easy to maximize some downtime prior to lots of parties coming up for Toronto Fashion week (who am I kidding… It starts today! Rangeela).

Watch out for my coverage – for now share this moment with me as I sit on the harbour sipping my espresso to go on this gorgeous fall day.

Who says you can only take images of bare skin when you can put your fall boots on and do the fashion walk baby!

CN Tower Climb for United Way

Help Me Step Up to 2,000

Wow summer has just past and there’s a nip in the air – not cold but strong fall breeze thats coming our way!

How are you guys enjoying the fall layering uber cute scarf wearing passers by? It’s mid September and it has been crazy busy though I thought of sending a quick note for this week and encouraging everyone to either participate *through your organization or through your volunteer work, or sponsor me to climb over 2,000 stairs this October 21st Sunday at the CN Tower in Toronto for United Way.

As you know, United Way Toronto mobilizes a broad range of resources to identify the issues facing our cities. The CN Tower Climb for United Way fundraising *among others they do, enables United Way  to set priorities, address root causes of social problems and make positive and lasting change. Ultimately, the goal is to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our cities – needless to say this will not only be fun it’s definitely for a good cause.

I need your support in raising $$ for this cause – or bet if I can even climb that many stairs – 2,000 O M G!!!!

For your donations please sponsor me here or follow this link

I will be sending live updates that day and leading up to the event on Twitter

Thank you for your support and wish me luck!





As many of you know I’m a quarter Japanese so I have always been fascinated and love Japanese cuisine growing up! Tonight I’m venturing to a newly opened tapas place (luckily) in my neighborhood – church and Wellesley ! Chou Izakaya that stands for Japanese tapas.

Omg and here’s the team in action for making the board menu.

Cheers to my sake!

The best so far…




My Thoughts | Church Street Toronto

Love the heels – shop @netaporter

Almost three weeks ago I have started my venture to live in a bigER city – so I have moved from Calgary to Toronto (where I find myself every often sitting on a Starbucks on the heart of the gaybourhood – Church Street). Thinking what’s next, I started looking back as to why I moved here from a comfortable life I had back in Calgary.

Key Word: Comfortable.

Do you ever hear yourself asking the ‘WHAT IF‘ question? I have for the past four years and thought, why? Finally one morning I woke up and figured why… The ‘what if‘ questions seemed the prerequisite of content. I was engaged, had a great job, fabulous friends, a home, and most importantly had access to the best wines one can imagine drinking (of course I indulged myself).

I am not saying that being content is bad for anyone has different views and such in which I respect however, as what I am talking about here being content for me was death.

Content = Death.

The death of the ever burning fire I had within me, the end to my desire to have a better sex life, the death of being spontaneous and the death of my creativity.

Shoot, fire and aim.

So to spark everything up to flames, I decided to book that one way ticket from comfortable to I have no idea what’s next – I am shaking things up for myself and so far I am in the ‘fire’ end of things which I am glad that its keeping me warm.

Are you feeling content? Do you like it? How are you shaking up your world?

xoMyDomingo, Shoe Lover, Freelance Fashion Stylist, New to Toronto and open to possibilities.

Inspiration: Twyla Tharp author The Creative Habit Learn it and Use it for life | Fabulous Calgary Friends.

Canadian Catwalk – comes World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto Canada

March 12th - 17th | The Tents of David Pecaut Square | TORONTO

The week of 12th March 2012 is fast approaching and you know what that means? Outfits selected, dates marked and after parties RSVP’d – as designers take centre stage featuring fall fashions 2012.

International bloggers, media, fashionistas, photographers and the rest of the avid followers of fashion will gather and gear up in one of the busiest week in spring.

I am sure to update you with the experience backstage and on stage while both studio and runway locations used to showcase collections of over 60 designers. Lucky to be one of the leaders in taking a team of fashion volunteers in ensuring this event will go smoothly from the Runway room to studio to backstage access, media and photog pit. so follow @mydomingo for recent updates and on the spot deets.

The Calendar is now online (please check from time to time as changes may happen without notice) so are tickets.

With you in fashion,


*images retrieved from FDCC site and web