Vintage love


Last night was a blast as I took the time to be out for fashion weeks first night – met with a couple of friends and met new ones as I sat at the bar with my smoking shoes *half hour into it someone handed me a limited edition cigar to smoke with the Islay Scotch drink I was sipping – it does pay to “dress like you give a damn” quoting a dear stylist friend back home.

Tonight I’m wearing a full length sheared *vintage all the way- mink vest – I just got back downtown after picking up the vest from one of the best ‘aytalian’ tailor I know – let me tell you the trip was well worth it not only I got my mink vest fitted, I got to play dress up with designer and personal tailored vintage pieces at my tailors closet – I was able to snag a vintage belt to go with my vest!

Now lunch time! Thought I’d share – happy Tuesday.