On the first days of Christmas

Dreaming... just fitting now I am back in Cowtown.

Dreaming… just fitting now I am back in Cowtown.

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Update : Back to my roots

In 2005 I have called Calgary home *coming all the way from the tropics Philippines. Early this year I ventured to live in the big TO *smoke city – and now back to the city I call home – Calgary.

I look forward to seeing familiar faces again and meeting new ones.

*stone cold ice yet like a winter wonderland – Calgary



Different | Summer Shoe

Thoughts on this shoe?

I am dying to find a new summer shoe (if you have any suggestions please send them my way). While I was “skimming” online I found these and oooo yeah definitely putting it on the wish list.

Three things I’d like to do with my summer shoe/s.

1.) Walk in the sand.

2.) Long walks after a night out.

3.) The ultimate accessory for brunching.

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May | What’s your monthly fix?

What’s your fashion fix? Runway Monthly.

In seven days – marks the second fix for you – fashion addicts… (well who am I kidding, I am indeed speaking for myself and to those who are with me in fashion).

15th May 2012 fab designer Aleem Arif of Bano Eemee, a fashion week goer and shower including Vancouver FW and Edmonton’s WCFW among other Calgary’s style peeps worth seeing and experiencing the second mark of Runway Monthly.

Tickets are on sale now! Click here to be part of this fun fashion filled night out.


How to Mondays | Skin

Animal print/s or as I say – your inner skin showing and glowing is still haute and hot for the S/S 2012.

Sport this shear animal print blouse and unleash your inner diva (still polish, no ghetto access please) *SS2012 Pink Tartan

Kick being powerless goodbye – take your inner skin (your real strong inner diva) and reflect it through fashion.


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Pair with as per image or roll the sleeves match with a vest and skinny high waisted trouser finally hair up or brushed neatly to bring out a 21st century polished diva you.


Toronto Fashion Week | Update | #WMCFW Insider



*March 8, 2012

All these hype about the newly named Fashion Week in Toronto is starting to hit up the streets. World MasterCard Fashion Week #WMCFW (used to be LG Fashion Week) take centre stage on 12th – 17th March 2012 at David Pecaut Square downtown Toronto.

Volunteers and the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) employees are busy trying to meet deadlines and execute the what has been planned for the week long fashion event in Toronto.

Definitely an exciting time with the designers, the fashion aficionados and everyone in the industry of all things beautiful.

Here’s a sneak peak for what’s happening leading to next week’s event.


Bano_eeMee Fall/Winter 2012

It was no surprise to me when I met Aleem Arif, Creative Director and Doer for Bano_eeMee that he will win the hearts of many with his wit and allure.

Featured as one of the designers for PARK, Aleem takes centre stage in the most recent article by the local herald in Calgary.

Inspiration: Edgy, uptown, wearable and chic.

Take a peak on his Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. For more information on individual and retail purchases email info@banoeemee.com.

Salute to amazing talent.