CN Tower Climb for United Way

Help Me Step Up to 2,000

Wow summer has just past and there’s a nip in the air – not cold but strong fall breeze thats coming our way!

How are you guys enjoying the fall layering uber cute scarf wearing passers by? It’s mid September and it has been crazy busy though I thought of sending a quick note for this week and encouraging everyone to either participate *through your organization or through your volunteer work, or sponsor me to climb over 2,000 stairs this October 21st Sunday at the CN Tower in Toronto for United Way.

As you know, United Way Toronto mobilizes a broad range of resources to identify the issues facing our cities. The CN Tower Climb for United Way fundraising *among others they do, enables United Way  to set priorities, address root causes of social problems and make positive and lasting change. Ultimately, the goal is to create opportunities for a better life for everyone in our cities – needless to say this will not only be fun it’s definitely for a good cause.

I need your support in raising $$ for this cause – or bet if I can even climb that many stairs – 2,000 O M G!!!!

For your donations please sponsor me here or follow this link

I will be sending live updates that day and leading up to the event on Twitter

Thank you for your support and wish me luck!





Sole of the Week: Skin for Men

So as you may have seen updated images via my twitter page *@mydomingo – this summer I have been obsessed with slippers – recently I have found some *shoelove with my Jimmy Choo Leopard calf hair slippers.

It may seem that women are able to pull off more wearing slippers let alone animal print, hold that thought as Gucci’s slip on loafer for men will hopefully change the minds of those guys who wish to venture into wearing both animal print and slippers.

Don’t mask it – unleash the masculine animal in you. Yes I am talking to you the men in my life and yes you * the one reading this – for the man in your life *wink

Pair with trousers no socks for that metro haute look.

Find @ or at our favourite shoe retailer.


Sole of the Week | Detailed to Perfection

While I was out and about this weekend, I had the chance to experience the ‘upper east side of Toronto’ (my stroll from Queen Street to the Distillery District). Lux coffee shop, lunch, furniture viewing, a historical district visit, shopping and most importantly finding a neat and a mayjhor inspiration for my taste of all things beautiful.

I died when I saw this beautifully made Balmain shoe bootie, it is definitely a show stopper, the weight, detail, craftsmanship, material – all these and more.

Attention to detail at new heights of the ultimate accessory for $4,400.00. #shoelove

Find @. (The Room at The Bay Queen Street)

Just wear with nothing… kidding. *I will let you be creative on this one – treat it as your new jewelry, a fancy one.


Sole of the Week | Jeffrey Campbell

live without heels while wearing one

“For business or for pleasure, no need to answer that!” These heel less shoe loafer style is definitely a WANT in my list of things to have before I die. As I died when I got my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes last fall. Certainly a push and no ordinary addition to your already fabulous (or soon to be) shoe collection.

Push those boundaries and sport some heels without heels – OMG…

Find @.

Pair with – everything.


How To Mondays | Cardigan

Once there was a ‘situation’ (later on became the funniest joke ever) with a friend who wishes to run from the awkward scene she was in. You see she was in a group of gals who were talking about something that she may not particularly wanting to hear about however, the group of gals kept talking and talking. So she grabbed her cardigan and made an excuse to put it on in the powder room – the strategic way of saying adieu.

Alas! As classic as the cardigan may have known to be, the reinvention definitely makes this piece a staple in everyone’s wardrobe (in fact I am wearing one right now).

So how do you really wear a cardigan? Well the rule is – never to ask this question again. For not only that it is stupid! This question does not make sense. In a world that we live today, reinvention and modernization of classic pieces take hype in expressing oneself. I have all sizes of cardigan from women’s size 2 (since I am very petite) and to a man size XL.

Though I share you this – throwing a cardigan in your ‘must-have’ items may be the only way you can get out of that awkward situations like my friend’s story. *Bonus: it’s so good to wear during your bloated days.

Find @. Or vintage stores near you.


Sole of the week | Ochre Yellow

Fluevog Flight | MXP. This will turn you into that trendy 'dude' that every women will die for not giving up your masculinity.If you have been keeping a close look (or NOT!) with the trends coming up for this Spring you will see a lot of yellow, tones, whatever you identify the colour.

Follow my PINs for Spring 2012 Trends (link to necessary plugging of other pins here *wink).

You may have realize that majority of the PINS are geared towards women – well do not be discouraged as this post is SOLE’y for you may man friend.

Take Fluevog’s high quality great looking shoes and super comfortable – Flight | MXP. This will turn you into that trendy ‘dude’ that every women will die for not giving up your masculinity.

Find @.

Pair with your new custom @Indochino suit.

Loving you and your shoes,