Be my lover …

As I sit at a cafe gathering inspiration – I come across with a real life action. Picture this – Yorkville – one of the most sought out areas to live, party and shop because of its opulence had me scared when one uber chic lady shouted for help – a couple of ‘bums’ have a knife out on the hunt for this lady’s possession/s.

Passers by flock, creating an almost festive fair performance when two police officers arrest the culprits. Chaos causing incident that I thought I would share to everyone and my beloved followers –

“I just want t be your lover ….” final words of one of the homeless guys before he got escorted to a not so spacious vehicle enroute to the nearby police station?

With this said – was he on the hunt for her material possession or the touch that makes us human?

I am leaving this to your imagination and your consideration that perhaps we all need to be rescued, many a man fall astray where desperation consumes their sanity.