Vintage love


Last night was a blast as I took the time to be out for fashion weeks first night – met with a couple of friends and met new ones as I sat at the bar with my smoking shoes *half hour into it someone handed me a limited edition cigar to smoke with the Islay Scotch drink I was sipping – it does pay to “dress like you give a damn” quoting a dear stylist friend back home.

Tonight I’m wearing a full length sheared *vintage all the way- mink vest – I just got back downtown after picking up the vest from one of the best ‘aytalian’ tailor I know – let me tell you the trip was well worth it not only I got my mink vest fitted, I got to play dress up with designer and personal tailored vintage pieces at my tailors closet – I was able to snag a vintage belt to go with my vest!

Now lunch time! Thought I’d share – happy Tuesday.




Sole of the Week: Skin for Men

So as you may have seen updated images via my twitter page *@mydomingo – this summer I have been obsessed with slippers – recently I have found some *shoelove with my Jimmy Choo Leopard calf hair slippers.

It may seem that women are able to pull off more wearing slippers let alone animal print, hold that thought as Gucci’s slip on loafer for men will hopefully change the minds of those guys who wish to venture into wearing both animal print and slippers.

Don’t mask it – unleash the masculine animal in you. Yes I am talking to you the men in my life and yes you * the one reading this – for the man in your life *wink

Pair with trousers no socks for that metro haute look.

Find @ or at our favourite shoe retailer.


Joining the #Magenta Cult.

I say this without prejudice. So I have joined the team of champions as I represent brands from #Theory to Christian Louboutins.

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