Will we ever know?

So past half a year and haven’t blogged for a good month, here I am sitting downtown Toronto. Life is full of it and people seems to be preoccupied at all times with their own business. I am thinking – will we ever know what our purpose is to live?

My venture here began in February of this year and here I am somewhat clear of what I want to accomplish in life. Future planning and the creation of being more comfortable being on my own and the confidence that I am not alone.

Will we ever know – what it means when you have figured out yourself – should we be figuring out who we are or discovering who we want to become.

As far as I know both are relevant – though I’m confident as to who I want to become and not necessarily thinking much of who I am and what makes me – moving forward and making room for what is yet to come.

Your thoughts?



Whispers… My aspirations…

I need to have better planning on my future – if I put things towards comfort in home and food – will I have enough to go back to school?

Will I have enough to travel?

Interesting thought of becoming a writer – may not be too late as I like writing and that seems to be the only way I can express my thoughts and release my stress other than yoga.

I am always on my phone articling perhaps I could step it up and write not just for fun and to correspond?

Mmmm … Something to think about.

Your thoughts?