What year – 2012

Salute and cheers to 2013!!

Salute and cheers to 2013!! *images may have been taken prior to 2012 – still its fab – wanting to make this a yearly tradition #whowillmakeitnextyear #reflect #alookback

Beautiful to look at the past when your aim is to move forward. Here is a big cheer to the peeps who I am happy to be around again.





My hiatus for the summer and (extended for early fall) got finished with my trip to Cuba – eight months of being away from home was a great and a much needed change – the discoveries I’ve had in Toronto ( the eight months of shaken change) was focused on myself and the self assurance of becoming a better person everyday.

Cuba for a week – was humbling. I skipped the new pair of shoes to buy the experience. Was it worth it – ‘Si’! Although the thought of slipping on a new choo would have made my day!

Humbling – things can go missing and often times not available in Cuba. Speaking for myself – take for granted the littlest things in everyday routine where if available freely in Cuba it’ll be a blessing (i.e. toilet paper, face clothe (which I had to buy for 2.49 cuc equals to six shots of vodka).

I’ve discovered things and most importantly I have discovered that when I spent my thanks giving weekend in Cuba I can’t help but put a shout out to all those and what I’m thankful for.

Here’s to a great tomorrow and you know (who you are) I’m grateful for.



What a year it has been. As I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops, I realize that what drives me is surrounding myself with the good vibe of an awesome atmosphere. The sound of the espresso machine, people’s laughter and most importantly the great coffee being served.

2011 was not an easy year for me as many of you know, I became single after a long term relationship I had with my partner, the relationship was a great learning tool for me to get to know myself more and for that I am thankful to my now ex partner for the experience and bitter sweet memories.

I have met some amazing people and decided to go back to my core values and surround myself with not only great coffees at coffee shops and also people who are respectful, has positive influence on me and most importantly, people who are true to themselves as they are true to others.

2012 is fast approaching, lots of bubbles and smiles with everyone greeting happy new year, I am stepping back before welcoming what 2012 brings and thanking the universe for all the great blessings bestowed for the 2011th year.

#grateful #gratitude #thankyous

I am the luckiest - I can not even begin to share... Kim Flanagan, Kristin Richard, Reda Sabbah

1.)    CHURCH my style, dear friend and inspiration to many, Kim Flanagan took on one of the most powerful events that inspires, empowers and promotes self worth in finding the true you. Being ‘out of the closet’. As I quote Kim, “who am I? How do I find her? Where did this body come from? What do I wear?” Questioning out of frustration. http://www.churchmystyle.com. As we welcome 2012, February 5th is the screening of Miss Representation – a film that every woman and her daughter need to see – so save the date. With Jason Krell hand in hand with empowered women (the likes of previous speakers Daniel LaPorte, Kim Barnouin) I am confident that the world is a better place and everyone will be sitting on the ‘right’ chair that feels good while subduing the inner skinny bitch.

2.)    Sustainability in friendship and in pearls. Shortly after my break up, fab friend and gemologist @kaviarpearls Kristin Richard, custom designed a hand picked pearl ring that I have sported since I got it. To me, the roundness of the pearl and how it is hand picked and locally designed is a symbol of the true essence of purity and the deeper understanding that the world is round and that karma is just around the corner.

the world is your oyster...

3.)    Yoga and Jackie Dumaine. The stillness and the search for inner peace would not have been much easier. The practice and the appreciation you have of life is admirable. As Alan Cohen would say – “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life and in change there is power.”

4.)    High kicks, laughs and bangs with Danielle Kondruck – At which point do we say NO! Never say never great times will never be forgotten. Please refrain from passing on a message to the waiter – you know I am joking, mmm not really.

5.)    Art and life with Lisa Heinricks – the life you live is an inspiration, the adventures, the inner peace you have and the kind heart you have shared with the rest of this world is beyond. You are a living proof that people could have what they have because they believed in the power of the mind, soul and most importantly working hard to be where they are at. You are a true blessing and yes ever super the girlish boy I know.

6.)    Overflowing love with Brio Style (The Pirri’s) and Chantel Overwater. Aytalian love and would stick out witchyou forever! Not only that you both are a great influence on your friends and the circle, you both possess very strong personalities that intimidation, fire and the SGB tag line saying DO NOT CROSS ME (say with an Italian accent) is something that I will always treasure. Really do not take shit from anyone and stand up for yourself mwather fwakers – beautiful inside out.

7.)    Business solutions and dang the hottest power couple/family – Katie Karvellas, Dan Hewko and Blake. To creating my dating profile, to finding out answers to some stupid questions – it is amazing on how little patience I have compared to yours and how emotional I can be almost every time. The little girl in me will always wish to emulate you and your experience as not only you are a toughie Kate you also have the hottest lover in humanity. And yes Blake definitely is the living proof. You know I will be her stalker for life.

8.)    The party Divas Rupi Sood, Kristina Horvath, KD Faustino, Liz Nandee and the hot mama and brother, Aly Velji, Reda Sabbah, Martie Fox, Jackie Dowdell, Tobias and A., Kim Stern, Holley and Ted with Katie Allen, Tracey Wardkerr, Judy Gabriel, Bronwyn McDonald, Jeff Cruz, the Passione Girls, Michelle Peesker, Jessica Jacobs, Shaila Khan, Stephanie Bernas, Lailina and Brandon Port – the SHE Peeps OMG and you know who you are – Enough said.

9.)    To all my clients. Thanks for letting me do what I do.

10.)  Teresita Lumanog.

In life I realize this year that there is no line up – there is no VIP pass – there are no competitions in finding who you are and in defining your personal preferences and choices –  SO TRUE @JessieCayabo. Hence my mothers name in which for the past days I’m unable to write anything specific to tell the world how thankful I am to have her raise me. Privately all of you rank number one in my heart and what I know – I found a home in Calgary.

So what’s next? – the 403 is resting indefinitely commencing 7th February 2012 as I make my way to Toronto. I am experimenting and venturing to see what a 27 year old flambouyant gay guy has to get himself into when he is in a much bigger city – ON HIS OWN!

So itll be fun and would love to connect with you all prior to my move.

Here’s to 2012.


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