Open, Queer and being Canadian #MargaritaIsHerName

I had the opportunity to attend the opening night for #fairytalespresentationsociety – a community ran organization that focuses on the LGBT community. Calgary might be a small ‘town’ – the Opening Film : Margarita *see above for the trailer – displayed not only Canadian talent and the effort of the organization in providing quality films for the week long Queer Film Festival.

The film took four years to make and have been in theatres for the past year – released in 2012 – the film demonstrates how a Canadian household protect, nurture and embraces individuality regardless of age and sexual orientation. Personally – *not giving too much information regarding this must see film – the efforts of making things right and the willingness to help a friend in need are the two many reasons why I am proud to be Canadian … open and queer all at the same time.


Let us support Dominique Cardona & Laurie Colbert with their film Margarita | Special thanks to James Demer, Program Director who has made this whole week of queer films lined up for you to enjoy – at the Plaza in Kensington. The festival is on till this weekend visit  Fairy Tales Presentation Society or for more details.