Bright Yellow


Bright Yellow

Bonded Cotton Sou’wester by Burberry is what I want now in this not so lovely weather. #winterincalgary


Line is full – though the fun just started.

Join me with BR Pirri and Kim Flanagan in styling this year’s Bikini Espy Experience.

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Happy Stampede Calgary!!!


Update : Back to my roots

In 2005 I have called Calgary home *coming all the way from the tropics Philippines. Early this year I ventured to live in the big TO *smoke city – and now back to the city I call home – Calgary.

I look forward to seeing familiar faces again and meeting new ones.

*stone cold ice yet like a winter wonderland – Calgary



The Burning Question | Moving on = burnt boat.

a testimony to the future
I bless the path that showed itself to me
astute, blind, courageous, clever, faithfully
I forged and floated
to now.
I testify to the utility of all that was then.
I testify to where I now stand: I AM here.
I testify to my capacity to craft
new ways of getting where I want to go.
I am the journey.
I am the path.
I am the destination.

Burning Question: What boat do you need to burn? (Inspired by Danielle LaPorte)

I have been following @DanielleLaPorte since I have met her through a dear friend in Calgary. My short lived visit with her inspired me to ‘get rid of my chair’ and now this – OMG… as if she is with me everyday and knows what the heck I am doing – so if you have been following me, I just recently moved from Calgary to Toronto for change and other things – well mostly venture to becoming more GAY and dig in more to the fashion industry (place plug here: #WMCFW – I will be there all week fashionable for Toronto Fashion Week so keep following @mydomingo tweets for instant updates).

The last three lines of the excerpt above defines the mindset I have been trying to master for the past weeks. So my answer to this burning question: What boat to I need to burn? Moving on and the thought that I have for I haven’t moved on, I still have my heart and soul attached to my friends and family in Calgary though the adventure up ahead is not forgotten and is now = the focus and the end goal why in the first place I moved. Hanging on to the fine line of not being lonely for I am alone in this venture – because I am not! Though friends and family may be far I am the journey. I am the path. I am the destination.

What boat are you burning?

The Burning Question | Moving on = burnt boat.

*This post is dedicated to my dear friend who is enjoying some nachos in Mexico (my favorite meal of all time).

Much love @KimFlanagan @DanielleLaPorte


Skeptic? Try a new look –


Have you ever wondered if you are able to buy a smashing dashing and a fantastic good quality suit under $500.00? A piece of advice for all the men out there – gotta have quality over quantity so to show you that indeed you are able to grab that dapper suit under the not so dapper price – I am sharing with you one of the secrets – having a suit tailored to fit you!

I have had the pleasure of working with custom tailoring or made-to-measure companies and the common denominator of both is great customer service, more options, and definitely if you are one of those who have ‘monkey’ arms don’t sweat as they are able to make you look like a ‘human being again’.

No down side just a dapper looking you!

Join Indochino Traveling Tailor in Calgary from March 6th – 10th, 2012 and I hear they have our very own stylist to assist you in picking out hues and ‘other’ items on the tailor’s menu.

Loving you from #YYZ.

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