What year – 2012

Salute and cheers to 2013!!

Salute and cheers to 2013!! *images may have been taken prior to 2012 – still its fab – wanting to make this a yearly tradition #whowillmakeitnextyear #reflect #alookback

Beautiful to look at the past when your aim is to move forward. Here is a big cheer to the peeps who I am happy to be around again.





My hiatus for the summer and (extended for early fall) got finished with my trip to Cuba – eight months of being away from home was a great and a much needed change – the discoveries I’ve had in Toronto ( the eight months of shaken change) was focused on myself and the self assurance of becoming a better person everyday.

Cuba for a week – was humbling. I skipped the new pair of shoes to buy the experience. Was it worth it – ‘Si’! Although the thought of slipping on a new choo would have made my day!

Humbling – things can go missing and often times not available in Cuba. Speaking for myself – take for granted the littlest things in everyday routine where if available freely in Cuba it’ll be a blessing (i.e. toilet paper, face clothe (which I had to buy for 2.49 cuc equals to six shots of vodka).

I’ve discovered things and most importantly I have discovered that when I spent my thanks giving weekend in Cuba I can’t help but put a shout out to all those and what I’m thankful for.

Here’s to a great tomorrow and you know (who you are) I’m grateful for.


Fall forward and head over heels!


If you guys have picked up the September issues of your favorite magazines you’d see that this DVF pattern – spread like no other and for a good reason! *i love dresses were you don’t necessarily need shapers! Oh my!

Luckily it is now available at the your DVF carrying fave retailer.

Don’t be changing the chains.


Different | Summer Shoe

Thoughts on this shoe?

I am dying to find a new summer shoe (if you have any suggestions please send them my way). While I was “skimming” online I found these and oooo yeah definitely putting it on the wish list.

Three things I’d like to do with my summer shoe/s.

1.) Walk in the sand.

2.) Long walks after a night out.

3.) The ultimate accessory for brunching.

Find @.


Basch It Up | Fall/Winter 2012 Runway Show

It was very exciting to sit on my assigned seat for the Basch It Up F/W 2012 Runway Show held at 99 Gallery (Sudbury Street, Toronto). Basch It Up is a competition to highlight the immense talent of class of 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 in all Ontariio’s post-secondary fashion programs. A six-month paid internship @EleventhFloorApparel, a $1,000 clothing allowance from Basch, and a $700 clothing allowance from Eleven Boutique in Toronto, where the winning outfit will be sold. Finally the winner’s two-piece mini-collection will be marketed across North America through Basch Agencies are up for grabs.

If you ask me, this is a price to die for – a great break for an emerging designer – imagine the possibilities.

It was indeed a show last night – thanks to Brill Communications for spreading the good word and for the invite.

David Dixon, Arthur Mendonca, Tamar Matossian, and Wesley Badankjak – who featured his Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection “The Waterless Flood” were the judges and for the competition.

Winner: Sarah McGowan | it was no surprise to me (though I am sure the judges had a heck of a time deciding) had an inspiring story on the clip shown (where ten of the contestants had their elevator pitch opp) where she was asked in one of her trips where she got her skirt (Sarah in person is like me vertically challenge no office but certainly the reason why I wear the highest heels possible), with this compliment came the desire for her to create her own line – A MAZE BALLS! So congratulations Sarah and to the rest of the contestants, your hard work is never unnoticed.

LOVAS: *Wesley Badanjak* | aside from his personal aura and aesthetics, the collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 was devine and the flowiness of the collection indeed reflect the theme =  The Waterless Flood.

Indeed it is less than a week where #WMCFW take centre stage – the city is definitely feeling the hype.

Trust you are enjoying the lovely weather wherever you are readers. its sunny and 15 degrees in Toronto.


PRESS : Mabuhay Calgary 2012


Graci. Mabuhay Ka, Filipino Ako.

*just got reminded what this whole blogging situation is all about – SHARING – a collection of all my work, appearances, my thoughts and more – so I hope you enjoy it.

Photos via Jeff Cruz Foto.

February love


This coming February 2012 I embark to my new venture in pursuing more work as a fashion stylist. I am off to Toronto though very excited and am really looking forward to the new adventure, I feel blessed that I have just gotten a call to be featured as the Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur with Mabuhay Calgary News.

The image above is a sneak peak of what’s coming on the February issue of Mabuhay Calgary –

Location: Passione on 17th
Photographer: Jeff Cruz