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votes of confidence:

“Domingo brought a level of professionalism and energy… despite the challenges, the show came together and was executed beautifully.” ENCORP Management.

“He can literally save your face and money! Why? When you think of it, how many times have you bought clothes that is not right, fitting wise and color wise, for you that eventually collects dust in you closet? How many similar styled but different colored clothing have you bought? I’ve seen Domingo jazzed up an existing wardrobe by accessorizing and giving you multiple ways to style and wear it.
In short, Domingo is a fashion genius!” Stephanie Bernas, Make Up Artist.

“He has trained ears and trained eyes that are able to translate words and wishes into stunning reality. One of the things that I appreciate about Domingo is that he taught me more about makeup application than any three previous makeup consultants combined. If you are looking for a fresh outlook on where to take your wardrobe from here, spending some quality consultation time with Domingo would be a great start.” Donna Dohl, Author, Wife and Business Catalyst.

“Personable, Expert, On Time.”

“Great advise. Great service.” Steve Chapman, Creative Strategies and Problem Solver.

“There isn’t a piece of clothing that you picked out that I have any regrets about buying… I now feel much better equipped to shop, even on my own, and that I’ll be thinking more clearly about how to get the most out of a piece of clothing and how many outfits I can wear it with… I admit that I was nervous about the whole ‘fashion consulting’ thing ahead of time, wondering if it was going to be worth it, but I can tell you without a doubt, that I have no regrets. I’m very pleased that I hired your services.” Patrick Lamontage, Cartoonist.

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