Sole of the Week: Beige

Okay okay so I know that I have been saying that being ‘beige’ is pretty much a sin! In this case YSL’s Tribute High-Heel Sandal in beige is an exception.

Please less is more… pair with a skinny denim and white tank for that effortless chic summer get up!

Pair with skinny jeans and a white tank for that haute summer outfit.

Find @ or at your favourite shoe store. *if your fave shoe store aint carrying YSL shoes – you may want to rethink that… #justsaying


Sole of the Week: Walk with it … Tod’s

Lately I’ve been obsessed with slippers, loafers and above all things slip ons. Not only these footwear offers comfort they now come in various styles.

One of my fave is the classic loafer from Tod’s.

Wear em to the beach and treat them like slippers for they are!

Find them @.



For the Real Housewives

vintage Versace collection collected by A. Maloof (Real Housewives of BH). *Dreaming…. thank goodness its allowed… what’s your dream? #shoes

And it is out – my not so big secret, I love me some Bravo time’s original series of the Housewives, from New Jersey to Beverly Hills. So I thought I’d share this… great read I thought.

Find @.


Different | Summer Shoe

Thoughts on this shoe?

I am dying to find a new summer shoe (if you have any suggestions please send them my way). While I was “skimming” online I found these and oooo yeah definitely putting it on the wish list.

Three things I’d like to do with my summer shoe/s.

1.) Walk in the sand.

2.) Long walks after a night out.

3.) The ultimate accessory for brunching.

Find @.


Sole of the week | Entertainer

Now before the eye brow raising galore – these over the knee boots are somewhat essential in unleashing your inner entertainer!

This weekend as I sit and watch front row the best pole dancers North America has to offer (as they claim). I can’t help but notice the footwear these lovelies have in common.

Over the knee super high boots. I know I know what you are thinking though, it’s never in the context of “stripping” when you see an over 50ish year old lady who isn’t doing some lady’ish moves with a pole.

So I challenge you tonight and for this week – try pole dancing. Good for the core and yes keeps you fit like no other weight training our there guaranteed.



Sole of the Week | Quality vs. Quantity

Most often than not, I find myself ‘splurging’ on shoes after weeks of imagination, thought and recalculating my exact meal plans to ensure that I won’t regret my purchase on my next addition to my ultimate accessory – shoes – and not starve to death.

How often do you have this conversation with yourself? Or catching yourself ‘splurging’ on an essential item.

Re-read the statement above and ask yourself if the one thing that you walk on every single day, the most physically hardworking part of your body, not to mention perhaps the one thing that tells your brain you are tired are your feet – though here we are thinking for weeks, imagining for hours if not days to push ourself to purchase on what we need!

I firmly believe that one can develop bunions but can never have too many shoes.

So for this week, be inspired with PRADA and the influence of the season. And please let’s not argue – the better quality you find out there, the better off you are.

Needless to say - leather soles are softer and bring much comfort than rubber soled shoe. Feel the opulence - less is more. Quality over Quantity.

Find @.

Pair with skirts – long, pencil, a-line, high waisted or a mini (please know when it is appropriate to wear esp with age – sorry to call you on that).


Sole of the Week | Detailed to Perfection

While I was out and about this weekend, I had the chance to experience the ‘upper east side of Toronto’ (my stroll from Queen Street to the Distillery District). Lux coffee shop, lunch, furniture viewing, a historical district visit, shopping and most importantly finding a neat and a mayjhor inspiration for my taste of all things beautiful.

I died when I saw this beautifully made Balmain shoe bootie, it is definitely a show stopper, the weight, detail, craftsmanship, material – all these and more.

Attention to detail at new heights of the ultimate accessory for $4,400.00. #shoelove

Find @. (The Room at The Bay Queen Street)

Just wear with nothing… kidding. *I will let you be creative on this one – treat it as your new jewelry, a fancy one.