Sole of the Week: Skin for Men

So as you may have seen updated images via my twitter page *@mydomingo – this summer I have been obsessed with slippers – recently I have found some *shoelove with my Jimmy Choo Leopard calf hair slippers.

It may seem that women are able to pull off more wearing slippers let alone animal print, hold that thought as Gucci’s slip on loafer for men will hopefully change the minds of those guys who wish to venture into wearing both animal print and slippers.

Don’t mask it – unleash the masculine animal in you. Yes I am talking to you the men in my life and yes you * the one reading this – for the man in your life *wink

Pair with trousers no socks for that metro haute look.

Find @ or at our favourite shoe retailer.


Sole of the Week: Walk with it … Tod’s

Lately I’ve been obsessed with slippers, loafers and above all things slip ons. Not only these footwear offers comfort they now come in various styles.

One of my fave is the classic loafer from Tod’s.

Wear em to the beach and treat them like slippers for they are!

Find them @.



Sole of the Week | TOMOTOM


Okay just like trying Luluemon for the first time years ago and now a convert (though you will never see me sporting it unless you are beside my drippy sweaty a** in haute yoga!).

I am feeling the love from the TOMs denim navy fabric loafer. Take these bad boys out for a stroll with fitted shorts and a tank top finish this look with sunnies – formula for spring hot outfit.

Find @.

Loving you in flats.


Sole of the Week | Ribs for men.

ribs for me and you...

The Damned Mars had me on these lovely boots where not only it reminds me of ribs (for its deliciousness and I am dying for barbecued ones right now) it also reminds me that boots if not all should come at least with attitude.

Find @.

Pair with skinny denim or fitted cargo shorts this Spring/Summer.


Sole of the week | Ochre Yellow

Fluevog Flight | MXP. This will turn you into that trendy 'dude' that every women will die for not giving up your masculinity.If you have been keeping a close look (or NOT!) with the trends coming up for this Spring you will see a lot of yellow, tones, whatever you identify the colour.

Follow my PINs for Spring 2012 Trends (link to necessary plugging of other pins here *wink).

You may have realize that majority of the PINS are geared towards women – well do not be discouraged as this post is SOLE’y for you may man friend.

Take Fluevog’s high quality great looking shoes and super comfortable – Flight | MXP. This will turn you into that trendy ‘dude’ that every women will die for not giving up your masculinity.

Find @.

Pair with your new custom @Indochino suit.

Loving you and your shoes,