Joining the #Magenta Cult.

I say this without prejudice. So I have joined the team of champions as I represent brands from #Theory to Christian Louboutins.

For any in person fashion advice and shopping experience visit me @HoltRenfrewYorkdale – Toronto.


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Fab advice and experience. Join me as I accelarate your shopping experience.

How To Mondays | Cardigan

Once there was a ‘situation’ (later on became the funniest joke ever) with a friend who wishes to run from the awkward scene she was in. You see she was in a group of gals who were talking about something that she may not particularly wanting to hear about however, the group of gals kept talking and talking. So she grabbed her cardigan and made an excuse to put it on in the powder room – the strategic way of saying adieu.

Alas! As classic as the cardigan may have known to be, the reinvention definitely makes this piece a staple in everyone’s wardrobe (in fact I am wearing one right now).

So how do you really wear a cardigan? Well the rule is – never to ask this question again. For not only that it is stupid! This question does not make sense. In a world that we live today, reinvention and modernization of classic pieces take hype in expressing oneself. I have all sizes of cardigan from women’s size 2 (since I am very petite) and to a man size XL.

Though I share you this – throwing a cardigan in your ‘must-have’ items may be the only way you can get out of that awkward situations like my friend’s story. *Bonus: it’s so good to wear during your bloated days.

Find @. Or vintage stores near you.


2012 your personal style

my 2012 inspiration board what's yours? let's find it...

As we welcome 2012 – we also welcome back our daily routines of going back to work, kids going back to school soon and really what are talking about back to normal life. The mandatory holidays and stuffing eating is no longer acceptable.
Let’s get back on track!
I thought of sending you this message of reconnecting soon – I am moving to Toronto (departing 6th Feburary 2012) and would really like to part ways with you knowing your style is if not close to perfection – some of you I haven’t seen for a while – *wink you know who are you!
So what do you say as we cheer to 2012 and to your true style – lets get out of the closet and win this game of chic fabulous and stylish you!
I am booking tail end of January though have the next weekend open so far for the earliest booking. Offering hourly rates only.
Let’s do this!
Hope to hear from you soon.

respect –

One key to keep your closet organized is having unity of the hangers you use. There are different mechanics in a good hanger though I am not here to talk about that or who invented the hanger and what makes a good hanger however, unison in style, make, and especially color are essential in achieving a well organized closet.

Here are steps in achieving a well organized closet:

•Make your hangers as part of your shopping investment budget

•Ensure you get very good quality – with your preference either wood or plastic is sufficient

•Do no hesitate to buy skirt/trouser hangers and top hangers – shirts, dresses


•Separate different colors – applies to clothes and hangers

•Be a minimalist – keep everything in your closet that you would wear and chunk the ones you merely think you will wear (tip: if you have not worn something for at least a year then that article isn’t yours NO more)

•Have fun and take the time to get to know your clothes


•Use broken hangers

•Multi-colored hangers

•Free hangers with purchase – depending on your lifestyle keep one or two for travel with suites and don’t forget the garment bag.

•FINALLY and I could not stress this enough! DO NOT USE DRY CLEANING HANGERS! often times dry cleaners would recycle them so by all means let them do it.



Out of the closet – why not!

save and delegate it will do you good.

for those of you who just don’t have the following:

1.) time

2.) sense of what to give

3.) direction of what to give

4.) time

5.) time

and did I say time? well why don’t I help – personal shopping services close to maxing out – it’s easy  as: *five easy steps.

1.) email –

2.) subject: personal shopping for _____

3.) budget, description, and other logistics you think I need to know.

4.) form of payment

5.) drop off location and time

and there you have it hassle free – your partner, husband or your kids or friends will really think you are the most thoughtful person in the world – grab their gifts or yours today and follow the five easy steps.


*hourly rate charges varies. additional information may be required to maximize customer satisfaction.