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One key to keep your closet organized is having unity of the hangers you use. There are different mechanics in a good hanger though I am not here to talk about that or who invented the hanger and what makes a good hanger however, unison in style, make, and especially color are essential in achieving a well organized closet.

Here are steps in achieving a well organized closet:

•Make your hangers as part of your shopping investment budget

•Ensure you get very good quality – with your preference either wood or plastic is sufficient

•Do no hesitate to buy skirt/trouser hangers and top hangers – shirts, dresses


•Separate different colors – applies to clothes and hangers

•Be a minimalist – keep everything in your closet that you would wear and chunk the ones you merely think you will wear (tip: if you have not worn something for at least a year then that article isn’t yours NO more)

•Have fun and take the time to get to know your clothes


•Use broken hangers

•Multi-colored hangers

•Free hangers with purchase – depending on your lifestyle keep one or two for travel with suites and don’t forget the garment bag.

•FINALLY and I could not stress this enough! DO NOT USE DRY CLEANING HANGERS! often times dry cleaners would recycle them so by all means let them do it.




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