Out of the closet – why not!

save and delegate it will do you good.

for those of you who just don’t have the following:

1.) time

2.) sense of what to give

3.) direction of what to give

4.) time

5.) time

and did I say time? well why don’t I help – personal shopping services close to maxing out – it’s easy  as: *five easy steps.

1.) email – domingo@mydomingo.com

2.) subject: personal shopping for _____

3.) budget, description, and other logistics you think I need to know.

4.) form of payment

5.) drop off location and time

and there you have it hassle free – your partner, husband or your kids or friends will really think you are the most thoughtful person in the world – grab their gifts or yours today and follow the five easy steps.


*hourly rate charges varies. additional information may be required to maximize customer satisfaction.


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